• Short Assemblies

Supporting Primary and Junior Schools

Great Open Door’s assemblies support primary schools in their task of making Religious Education stimulating and thought provoking.  We aim to debunk the myth that Christianity is boring by bringing Bible stories vividly to life.

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Great Open Door

Capturing children’s imaginations

Our 15-minute whole school assembly presentations aim to capture children’s imaginations using catchy songs, dramatic story telling, thought-provoking videos and bold visual aids.

Each assembly focuses on helping pupils to reflect on some aspect of life and how the Christian faith relates to it.  Most of the assembly themes are based on Christian values, such as friendship, courage, kindness and endurance (which so often link directly into the ethos and values of the school).

Fitting into your school’s normal assembly slot

Our short assemblies can fit into your school’s normal assembly slot and help to fulfil the requirement to provide acts of collective worship of ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ (DfE Circular 1/94).  By providing monthly acts of collective worship that are accessible for all, we endeavour to support schools in fostering children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We, also, deliver assemblies based on special events in the year, including: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.