• English Lessons

Designed specifically for Year 3 and 4

Great Open Door offer one hour Bible-based English lessons for Year 3 and 4 classes. The programme is designed to run throughout the academic year, delivering one lesson a term to each class.  Each lesson focuses on objectives taken from the current National Curriculum for English for the relevant year group and may also link into the school’s R.E. scheme of work.

“The children continued to grow in their development of language through the story.”

Each lesson is based on a Bible story, taken from the child-friendly Lion First Bible.  The lessons are very interactive and aim to cater for all learners, combining reading the text with drama, games and, in some of the lessons, puppets.  The children’s understanding of the text is confirmed throughout the lesson through use of questioning and the children complete activities related to the English skill being taught.

Information sheet

As well as completing some activities within the lesson, a follow on worksheet will also be given to the class teacher.  This worksheet is designed to extend the children’s learning, giving them a further opportunity to put the skills they have learnt into practise.

A digital version of these worksheets can be supplied upon request if the teacher wishes to personalise the content for their class.