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Religious Education Lessons

We take a variety of lessons in primary schools and as part of our work we provide Religious Education lessons.  These are high quality RE lessons about Christianity which we provide free of charge to local schools.

The lessons will be delivered by Emily Tucker, Lead Schools Worker for Great Open Door.  Emily is a qualified teacher who has just completed a four year degree in Primary Teaching with History.

We have chosen topics on Christianity from the Essex SACRE scheme of work that we think will be applicable to all schools, not just those who follow the SACRE syllabus.

The lessons are suitable for Years 3-6, being adapted where necessary to suit an older or younger age group.  We would work with the schools to find out which year group each lesson is suitable for and when in the year it would fit into the school’s scheme of work.

Information sheet

Series Title:

‘Why is _______ important to Christians?’

Lesson taken from UnitFocus of the LessonKey Questions Explored
1JesusWho was Jesus?
Why is He important to Christians?
How does He influence people today?
Who influences our lives?
2Jesus’ teaching through the parablesWhy did Jesus tell parables?
What are the parables of the prodigal son and the lost sheep?
Do they mean anything to me today?
Who is a guide in my life?
3Good Friday and the CrossWhy is the cross important to Christians?
What is Good Friday?
Why do Christians celebrate Jesus’ death?
How does it feel to be betrayed?
What does it mean to be loyal?
4The BibleWhy is the Bible significant to Christians?
How does the Bible still impact people’s lives today?
How and why do different Christians interpret the Bible?
What books/stories are significant to me?
5The Church as a communityIs the Church just a building?
What does it mean to be part of a community?
What is a denomination?
What are the similarities and differences between churches belonging to different denominations?
Are churches just for Christians?